rec.aviation.*   Fly-In Photos
October 1,2 and 3, 1999, Jean Nevada.

All Images Copyright 1999, John H. Ousterhout
Permission for personal use is granted to members of rec.aviation.*

Our Fly-In Host -- BadWater Bill.
Bill's new Snobird Gyrocopter.
All it needs is an engine, rotor blades and a qualified pilot.
Well -- two out of three ought to be good enough.
Janice Phillips.
John Ammeter, Shari Lee, and John Ousterhout.
Richard Ilfeld.
Note the lawn. Other than money, this was the only green for miles.
Bob and Leighann Faley.
Carl Johansson.
Bill Berle autographs a copy of his book.
He wrote "the asshole is making me sign this."
Dave Barnhardt.
Gene Whitt.
Dave G.
Jean must have been Camera shy.
This drunken madman showed up at my hotel room at 3:00 AM.
I think he said his name was Johnny Walker.
Ray Jarvis.
Ric Lee arrives and gives the r.a.h salute.
Note that Shari Lee was in the left seat.
Ric and Shari Lee.
O-Ring Seals.
HighFlyer finally arrives.
You can tell it's late by the long shadows.
HighFlyer and Don arrived late, but still in time for supper.
Don Hausman.
Gary and April.
Ray Jarvis and Janice.
Richard (Right) is amused by Ray and Carl.
Clyde Beaty and his daughter.
Clyde's wife and daughter.
Ray Jarvis examines some new tools for his RV kit.
Amp Meter has to explain what they are for.
Leighann, Shari, and Janice.
Note the sprinklers in the background. Earlier the sprinklers started
without warning and we had to quickly move from the lawn to the parking lot.
Bill Phillips and Ray Jarvis.
Bob, Leighann, and Bill.
Selma Bum #1 O-Ring checks out a student doing bounce and goes.
He then announces that flying is too hard for anyone to learn,
and declares all flight training should be halted.
The airport was conveniently close to the Gold Rush Hotel and Casino.
This is the view from a hotel window. This photo must have been taken
early on friday because the hotel parking lot was full all weekend.
The Gold Rush Hotel and Casino at night.
Excellent BBQ facilities at the airport.
Ric Lee cooks. Dave G. asks "is it done yet?"
Nice airport building.
Bill gets ready to take some innocent victim for a ride in his RV6.
THis time he did remember the red knob.
Dave Banrhardt and his RV6.
Dave G in the Archer.
If you look closely you can see that he's giving "The r.a.h salute".
Don Hausman's Cessna 175.
Don Flew from Carbondale, Ill, and brought HighFlyer with him.
Brand new Cessna 172 that Ric and Shari Lee flew from Salt Lake City.
Sky King - O'Ring's Cessna 310.
Clyde Beaty's Lake Amphibian
A nice picture of the Cessna 310 is ruined by a piece of junk in the foreground.
Bad Bill on a low pass at 200 mph.
John Ousterhout poses with his next project.
Ride 'em Cowboy!
This Stearman was used for glider towing.
The Stearman had a 450 hp engine.
The Stearman's data plate. It was once a Russian airplane.
Dave G, Shari, and Ray are amused by something.
Ramp rats Dave G., O Ring and Bill.
HighFlyer tells Richard about their flight as Don watches,
Bill Berle, Richard, Don (rear), HighFlyer, April and Gary.
Shari telling a story to Carl and Ric.
HighFlyer is taking a photo of Oysterhouse taking their photo.
Suppertime. The elusive Jean is in the back with the white hat.
HighFlyer entertaing the group at supper.
A Minuteman II rocket was launched at Vandenberg - 300 miles west.
We had a great show saturday evening thanks to an SDI test.
stage separation.
Second stage.
Interesting rocket vapor trails in the sunset.
Everyone gets a good look at Bill's Gyrocopter.
Billy says "FLY NAKED!"
Bill left his Gyro chained to the ramp, but . . .
While Bill is away, a conspiracy develops.
Nothing is safe, not even when chained down.
The Gyro was stolen and moved to a hiding place
Bill returned and asks "What happened to my Gyro?"
Bill accuses O'Ring, who denies everything"
"You bastards stole my Gyro!"
Dave G and Don beg Bill to not shoot the suspected Gyro thieves.
Oyster discovers that the Snobird gyro once belonged to Zoom Campbell.
Unknown miscreant.
The Fly-In ends. Sunday night dinner.
THE END: A special message to Dennis Fetters from the group.