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I was once a fan of Jim Campbell and U S Aviator Magazine.  However Jim has lost my respect, and that of many others, even though we still agree with some of the things he writes, because of his complete lack of journalistic ethics and his pattern of retaliation against those who disagree with him.

After Jim began writing column after column complaining about how the "terrorists" were trying to shut down US Aviator Magazine what came to my mind was "me thinks he doth protest too much". Reading the Usenet forum rec.aviation.homebuilt I found posts by former employees and associates of Jim Campbell.

A Magzine Editor and Publisher has a special responsibility because innacurate writings sent to readers can unfairly damage individuals and companies, who have little opportunity to tell their side of the story. Therefore honesty and objectivity are critical for journalists. Many have questioned Jim Campbell's journalistic honesty and objectivity. While it's true that some of the companies to which he gives bad recommendations have had problems, many believe that for most of the companies their problems are "not kissing up to Jim Campbell". Many of the Campbell critics were former supporters, associates, even employees.

I soon found much documentation about how Jim Campbell reacts very harshly to any critic, even to any perceived criticism, threatening legal action, denouncing critics as "terrorists", claiming thousands of supporters, stating that documents posted were forgeries, telephoning critics employers and making accusations that the employer may be liable for the posting, etc. Click here for the example of Jim Campbell's reaction to a critic that started me to question his credibility and his tactics. These examples are links to a UseNet message archived on Google Groups. Click here for typical example of Zoom's reaction to a critic.

When I discovered that in 1980 Jim Campbell's Medical Cerificate was revoked following an NTSB hearing, I became very suspicious. This revocation was due to Jim's diagnosed personality disorder. For more information about this, read the information elsewhere on this web page about Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I obtained a copy of this NTSB transcript and found it interesting reading. Jim Campbell often posted on UseNet claiming this document was a forgery. However this copy was obtained legally from the NTSB. I suggest that you read the transcript and make up your own mind about what type of person Jim Campbell was in 1980, and then compare that to the present Jim Campbell.

In April 1998 Jim Campbell sued me - for posting a copy of a public record, NTSB hearing SE-4661, on my web page - and 14 others for posting comments critical of him on Usenet.

US Aviator ceased publication for good in the fall of 1999, but Jim Campbell continues as a "publisher" with an on-line web-based magazine and daily news service. Although less controversial than US Aviator, Campbell uses Aero News Network to criticize some of those that he has been critical of for years, i.e., The Sun 'n Fun Fly-In and Chuck Slusarczyk (CGS Aviation). Click here for an example of how Zoom uses ANN just as he did US Aviator.  Click here for a recent example of Zoom's reaction to a critic.

John Ousterhout
April 19, 2005

Curious about Jim Campbell? Begin with the links 2 through 5.


Cirrus vs.Captain Zoom

Updated 10-05-2013:
On Sept 2, 2011 Cirrus sued Jim Campbell and one of his LLCs, Kindred Spirit Aviation, for non-payment on the loan on the purchase of a Cirrus SR22.

Cirrus’ main exhibit was signed loan documents that commit Campbell to pay $5,500 a month on the aircraft.
Campbell claimed his signature was forged.

As part of a negotiated settlement in April/May 2013 (20 months after the lawsuit was filed):
  . Campbell gave the airplane back to Cirrus.
  . Campbell and ANN had to release Cirrus from any alleged obligations (e.g., the supposed $700,000 in unpaid advertising).
  . Both sides had to pay their own legal fees (probably $100,000 or more)

Captain Zoom FAQ 03-09-1998 - While there is no Captain Zoom FAQ, the best single document is Ron Wanttaja's Undeniably comprehensive post on UseNet responding to the question "Why Does Everyone Hate USAviator?"
04-19-2005 - An explanation of SE-4661 posted on rec.aviation.homebuilt 11-09-1997 by Ron Wanttaja. 
Links have been added to revelvant portions of SE-4661.
A Guide for the Zoomed Updated August 2004 - By Ron Wanttaja.  Can Campbell sue me? WILL Campbell sue me? etc.
note: this page opens in a new window
SE-4661, Zoom's
NTSB Hearing
11-18-1997 - In 1980 the NTSB found Zoom "mentally unfit". His Medical was revoked after a hearing. Read the NTSB transcript - Document SE-4661.  [320 kb txt file]

Old gradiosity repeated

05-24-2005 - In aero-news.net Zoom reprints and old story  about his experiences, matching his previous heighth of grandiosity.

04-17-2005 - More about Sun 'n Fun mistakenly allowing Jim Campbell to enter the event once in 2004. Compare the Newspaper story with Captain Zoom's version.
Zoomjection !

04-12-2005 - More about Jim Campbell's 1998 ejection and permanent ban from Sun 'nFun - with photos of the infamous 1994 ejection.
Jim Campbell
on the hot seat?
03-19-99 - One Hundred tough Questions that he may have to answer in court.
Editorial 01-01-02 - Is this is a Campbell Hater Web site?"
03-25-03 Zoom's SIXTH ANNUAL Anti-Sun 'n Fun diatribe, part 1
03-26-03 Zoom's SIXTH ANNUAL Anti-Sun 'n Fun diatribe, part 2
03-06-02 World Airshow News Publisher Dave Weiman wrote Sun 'n Fun officials a while back to ask them to meet with Campbell and "...and come to some understanding.  Chuck Slusarczyk sent e-mail Dave Weiman at the FMI link on the above article. He posted the response he received from Campbell.
ANN Best and Worst of 2003 Oshkosh Sept, 2003 - Campbell again takes cheap shots at Chuck Slusarczyk -- NOTE the "FACT" statements with vague accusations, but no information.
Zoom's own reporter rebuts his claims 08-22-01 - Kevin O'Brien, on assignment for Aero News Network at Oshkosh, met Chuck Slusarczyk and listened to his story, then posted these two messages to rec.aviation.homebuilt.
More from Zoom's reporter 08-23-01 - Another post from Kevin O'Brien, after meeting Chuck Slusarczyk. 
se4661 01-28-99 - Zoom has often claimed that the transcript SE-4661 is a forgery or invalid.
Here's a scan of the NTSB certification of a true copy of SE-4661.
Download 1-18-97 - Zipped ASCII text file of NTSB Hearing transcript (se-4661)  110 KB
From the Usenet archives Chuck Slusarczyk's story of his experiences with Jim Campbell. Originally posted to rec.aviation.homebuilt March 3, 1995.
Conduct yourself accordingly 08-27-99 - Transcript of Zoom's 4/19/99 Federal Court Hearing. U.S. District Judge Richard A. Lazzara ruled that Sun 'n Fun, as a private organization, has a right to ban Jim Campbell. Not only did Zoom lose, he was chastised by the Judge for his Courtroom behavior.
Same old claims 12-31-01 - Sun 'n Fun's ban of Campbell was upheld in Federal court, yet over two years later Zoom is still making the same claims.
Zoom banned from Sun 'n Fun. 03-31-99 - The 1998 ejection was second in 5 years - Zoom now banned for life. Read his whining complaint on the US Aviator Web Page - it's full of distortions and non-truthful statements.
Police Reports 04-02-99 - Zoom's 1998 ejection from Sun 'n Fun.
The letter AVweb didn't print. 04-30-99 - For those wondering about exactly how Zoom Campbell got banned from Sun 'n Fun, here's a full summary of the situation. Originally written by Tony Pucillo in response to a recent AVweb report, this summarizes the legal situation as well as Campbell's specific behavior that led to his banning.
1998 bankruptcy
04-27-98 - The Bankruptcy Trustee sued Campbell for five counts of fraud.
Zoom's reaction to this web site 04-27-98 - Read bout Zoom's reaction to this web site.
Zoom's tactics against critics 04-27-98 - A comparison of Zoom's tactics against critics to group that also attempts to silence critics.
Copyright Violation! 12-28-98 - Jim Campbell, U S Aviator's editor/publisher took a copyrighted photograph from my web page and printed it in US Aviator Magazine without my permission.
Narcissistic Personality Disorder 11-22-98 - Read about the symptoms of this mental illness.
A Web page about Cult leaders
11-25-98 - Does this describe someone we know?
Jim Campbell Impersonated a Dr. 04-19-98 - Read the Tulsa Tribune Newspaper article about Jim Campbell impersonating a Doctor in 1979.
1983 Captain Zoom Archives
04-19-98 - Jim Campbell's "cross country" Ultralight trip ends at the Statue of Liberty.
1977 Captain Zoom Archives 04-19-98 - Jim Campbell arrested attempting to parachute from the World Trade center.
A relevant Aesop's Fable 04-10-98 - Things haven't changed in 2,500 years.
The Lyin' King
03-30-98 - The true story of an aviation magazine editor.
Caught lying 04-27-98 - See what happened to Oregon's U.S. Congressman (now Former Congressman) Wes Cooley.
A greeting to Jim Campbell 08-18-99 - Humor: At the 1999 Arlington Fly-In: A few members of rec.aviation.homebuilt sent a greeting to Jim Campbell. WARNING: Contains R Rated material.


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