Captain Zoom Archives

Courtesy of Bill Robie

Zoom was no stranger to danger... he had been in THE NEW YORK TIMES before. Then it was another segment of sport aviation that he was promoting.

In the paper's Metropolitan Briefs section of November 16, 1977, there appeared this brief:

You'll notice that Zoom was charged with "reckless endangerment, criminal trespass, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct".

Hmmm... here they are atop the World Trade Center... one has a parachute, and one doesn't... one is resisting arrest and behaving in a disorderly manner.  That's sure how to make a good name for skydivers!  I'll bet that cop gets all warm and fuzzy when he thinks of parachutists these days.

But that wasn't the end of Captain Zoom's promotion of sport parachuting.  In spite of the fact that the USPA is squarely opposed to illegal "base jumps" like Jim's WTC stunt, and in spite of the fact that the USPA had absolutely nothing to do with his prank, Zoom had to drag that organization into the affair.

What purpose was there?  Was he hoping to weasle out of trouble by using the good name of the USPA to legitimatize the illegal attempt?  Only "Captain Zoom" knows.  All that the USPA, and the many thousand sport parachutist that they represent, knew was that they were made to look like a bunch of law-breaking yahoos by this bit of adverse publicity.


Updated 04-18-98