The 25th annual Sun 'n Fun fly-In - A Zoom Free Zone

April 11-17, 1999, Lakeland, FL.

Sun 'n Fun's ban of Jim Campbell was upheld in Federal Court. See the details

Jim "Captain Zoom" Campbell was ejected from Sun 'n Fun in 1998, after previously being ejected in 1994. Campbell will not be allowed press credentials for 1999 Sun 'n Fun.

Captain Zoom's response was to wait almost a year, and only then begin to protest. He claims that his first amendment rights as a journalist have been violated. While there are many that would claim that complaint is moot because Zoom is not a "journalist", the fact is that the first amendment only prohibits government from interfering with the free press. In other words, Zoom is free to wrote what he wants (although libel laws do apply), but has no constitutional right to attend Fun 'n Sun.

Campbell claims that he has been banned for criticizing Sun 'n Fun and questioning where all the money was going. He ignores the fact that he was ejected last year after first being warned about his behavior -- and twice in 1994 -- for disruptive behavior at Sun 'n Fun.

Campbell uses his banishment from Sun 'n Fun to once again attempts to blast two of his longtime targets - CGS Aviation and Adventure Air. In my opinion Jim Campbell's animosity for Chuck Slusarczyk and Happy Miles is extreme. Is it only a coincidence that Campbell began complaining his unceasing attacks on them after they ceased advertising in U.S. Aviator Magazine, and Chuck Slusarczyk challenged Campbell's claimed circulation figures for the magazine (by the way, Campbell has not even published his circulation figures in the magazine for 1996, 1997 or 1998 as required by federal law.)

Jim Campbell calls being banned from Fun 'n Sun "sickening". I call it just. Campbell urges his supporters to call Sun 'n Fun organizers and complain about him being banned.

After being ejected from Sun 'n Fun twice in 1994 Jim Campbell was required to sign a letter agreeing to behave in an appropriate manner they'd let him attend again.

There are several reasons that Campbell was ejected from Sun 'n Fun in 1998 and banned from the 1999 event.

In 1998 he tried to serve Chuck Slusarczyk with a subpoena. He was warned that if he continued, his party would be canceled. So after the party he had both Chuck and Walt Troyer served. He got Walt as he was going into the announcer's stand to do the afternoon air show. Campbell's using the Sun and Fun venue to serve a personal lawsuit on a Sun 'n Fun volunteer annoyed the Sun 'n Fun management greatly. It was reported that when the process server first came into contact with the Sun 'n Fun administration, he claimed, falsely, that he was a Lakeland police officer.

Campbell had Walt's accurate home address on the front of the summons. All he really had to do was wait a week, give it to a Manatee County Deputy and have Walt served at home. Walt works out of his home and he's there most of time. But apparently Campbell couldn't wait, even though he should have realized that serving Walt at the event would violate the warning he'd been given.

Campbell gave the process server a media pass so he could get on the grounds free. As you might imagine, this isn't the use the media folk at Sun 'n Fun had in mind when the handed out media passes.

One of Campbell's employees got tired of not being paid and let the Sun 'n Fun folks know that Campbell had forged parking passes for the show. He claimed she had done it, she responded that she'd done so at his instruction, under threat of being fired. Moreover, she said, he'd been stalking throughout the show, following her and taking surreptitious photos -- the same activity that got him thrown out of the show in '94 when he was stalking Frank Hitlaw.

Interestingly, Campbell's response was the same as his response in 1994 - he claimed to have been struck by a Sun 'n Fun vehicle, tried to file a complaint with the lakeland police and threatened to sue Sun 'n Fun for his "injuries". In 1994 it was a trash tractor that Campbell claimed struck him, and in 1998 it was Bill Henderson's golf cart.

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