Cirrus vs Jim Campbell
September 2, 2011:  
Cirrus sued Jim Campbell and one of his LLCs, Kindred Spirit Aviation, for non-payment on the loan for purchase of a Cirrus SR22 aircraft.

You can read Jim Campbell's (long and rambling IMO) side of the story on Aero-News Net. - 2011-10-07:  "It’s been a tough few months here at ANN as we had to deal with the extensive threats, interference and harassment we received for having the gall to attempt to tell what we knew about a company that was once one of the bright shining stars in the aviation universe…" - 2011-10-10:  "at the direction of Cirrus Aircraft, a Cirrus employee made a number of false statements while following directions to take control of my airplane, and that this action was the latest in an extensive and continuing series of extortionate, harassing and intimidating actions and attempts to silence myself and ANN." - 2013-10-03:  "I could have come out nearly a half-million dollars ahead in this, IF I had given into Cirrus’ demands and sold my soul, my integrity, and my promise to you to tell you the truth." - 2013-10-04:  "[Cirrus] reneged on a contract that was worth a great deal of money. My retirement was wiped out. I lost a house I truly loved along a beautiful grass airstrip. I am no longer an aircraft owner. Many of my advertisers were mysteriously harassed or received Anti-ANN mailings during this period and a few seem to have been affected – especially those with close relationships with Cirrus—for instance"

On the other hand, here's an undeniably concise yet comprehensive report by long-time Zoom-Watcher Ron Wanttaja.
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. Cirrus’ main exhibit was signed loan documents that commit Campbell to pay $5,500 a month on the aircraft.
. Campbell claimed his signature was forged.
. Campbell claimed that Cirrus had an agreement with ANN in which advertising services were to provide payment on the loan and that Cirrus owed advertising bills totaling over $700,000.

. The judge rejected the connection between the purchase of the aircraft and Campbell’s claim regarding an exchange for advertising, and refused to add ANN as a participant in the case.
. None of the loan paperwork filed by Cirrus references ANN.
. However, while it was not stated, Campbell was free to have ANN sue Cirrus separately and prepared to do so.

. As part of a negotiated settlement in April/May 2013 (20 months after the lawsuit was filed):
   . Campbell gave the airplane back to Cirrus.
   . Campbell and ANN had to release Cirrus from any alleged obligations (e.g., the supposed $700,000 in unpaid advertising).
   . Both sides had to pay their own legal fees (probably $100,000 or more)

Updated 2013-10-05