A convicted liar:
Oregon Former Congressman Wes Cooley

In March 1997 Oregon's Former Congressman Wes Cooley was convicted in Marion County Circuit Court of lying in the statement he made about his military experience for the official Oregon Voter's pamphlet. He paid $7000 in fines plus court costs and was sentenced to two years probation and 100 hours of community service. Cooley falsely claimed in the 1996 Voters' Pamphlet that he served in the Korean War. Actually, Military records and former officers statements confirm that he hadn't left the United States. The controversy caused him to drop his bid for re-election.

A year after his conviction Cooley filed to run for the United States Congress again. He apologized for making a claim in the pamphlet that could not be proved. But he said: "I don't admit I made a false statement. ... A lot of people get convicted who don't do anything wrong."  Cooley finished third of four candidates in the primary election.

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No shame at all ...
after his 1997 conviction for lying, Cooley ran for Congress again in 1998.


Updated 05-25-2005