from May 24, 2005

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What a highpoint -- but best of all; I’ve had many amazing moments since then…

...blasting through the Mojave desert at well over Mach One, or boogying along at 400-500kph--wingtip to wingtip in a flight of nearly a dozen Snowbirds, freefalling-all alone-from nearly ten miles up, testing incredible new aircraft that had never flown before in any form, fighting the good fight alongside my friend and hero Bob Hoover, dogfighting with Scott Anderson F-16 to F-16 (I miss you, Scott…), practical joke after practical joke after practical joke with Randy Gagne, doing inverted spin after inverted spin with Bob Herendeen and laughing our asses off with the fun of it all, flying an impossibly tight formation with the irrepressible Jim Moser (so close I could touch him if the canopy hadn’t been in the way) and trading really sick jokes over the radio all the while with one of the most amazing guys I EVER met, telling a wonderful girl that I loved her while doing a barrel roll around the moon, freefalling through the blackness of 2 a.m. on a full moon with seven other skydivers lit only by man in the moon and the chem-lights taped to our jumpsuits, landing an ultralight on the island that supports the Statue of Liberty, looping side-by-side in TIGHT formation with Jack Britton, flying another Dac from coast to coast and having more adventures than any person has a right to, fighting for my fellow flyers against those who would harm them, aerobatically representing President Reagan and the Air and Space Bicentennial at airshow after airshow, kissing yet another very pretty girl underneath a red Staggerwing at Oshkosh under a nearly full moon, logging dozens of hours of Zero-Gravity time among some of the finest people I've ever worked with, chasing SpaceShips and recording history from an unbelievable vantage point... so many memories, so many highs (and a few bizarre lows), and I thank God I’m not quite all the way to my fifties… meaning that there is plenty of time and opportunity for even greater adventures… and I can hardly wait.

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