Jim "Captain Zoom" Campbell

Is this a "Campbell Hater" Web site

One of the things that long-term, and astute short-term, observers of James R. Campbell have noted is his use of the kind of insidious propaganda that was effective in the McCarthy Era. In the place of verifiable facts, he substitutes inflammatory statements and vicious innuendo. As with McCarthy, he wraps his Big Lie within enough truth that the unsuspecting reader assumes all that he says to be true.

He depends upon his readers to be either too ignorant, or perhaps too lazy, to check the accuracy of what he tells them. Unfortunately, there are still people today who believe that "they" wouldn't let him publish a magazine if he wasn't telling the truth. These people don't realize that there is no "they" and anyone can publish their own magazine and say what they want--so long as enough people buy it to keep the magazine in business.

For years Campbell also relied upon the fact that he could say whatever he wanted to, in his magazine, without the targets of his attacks having any way to give their side of the story. The Internet changed that. It allowed people, who have been exposed to Campbell in the past, a way in which they could compare notes.

What they found out was disturbing. It showed that Campbell has a long history of using threats and intimidation to silence anyone who openly questioned him or disagreed with him (so much for his posturing about being a defender of free speech). It also showed that many of the people and businesses that he has attacked in his magazine have extremely convincing arguments to counter his claims. Perhaps worst of all, in the view of many, Campbell has knowingly and repeatedly published claims about himself and others that appear to be complete fabrication, and for which he has refused to provide any proof. Journalists who write for mainstream publications believe such behavior to be cause for a journalist's career to come to an end.

So...is this a "Campbell Hater" Web site?

Not at all. The majority of the materials on this site originated from people who have known Campbell for years. They include former supporters of his who discovered the truth about the way that he conducts himself and his business. They include former employees and close associates who have seen, first hand, what kind of person he is. They include test pilots, aviation scholars, authors, and editors who have been dismayed at Campbell's behavior, both as a person and a journalist. They include persons who have gained prominence in a number of fields that demand ethical conduct and integrity of their practitioners.

These people do not "hate" Jim Campbell. That's simply Campbell's apparent desire to position himself as being the brave and honest martyr, engaged in combat against evil-doers who are motivated only by mindless hatred. Indeed, the majority of the people who question Campbell's credibility as a journalist acknowledge that he once had the potential to make a significant contribution to aviation--but that he has permanently damaged that credibility.

Furthermore, these same people acknowledge Campbell's well-documented psychiatrist's diagnosis of having a "personality disorder" that has been attributed in a courtroom to behaviors that included lying, bullying, and manipulating using personal "charm". But they people are concerned that the same behaviors appear to persist. Under ordinary circumstances, these same people would be compassionate in their dealings with someone who appears to have the kinds of problems that Campbell demonstrates.

But these are not ordinary circumstances. In spite of Campbell's public claims that he possesses a charitable nature that approaches saintliness, he has privately engaged in underhanded and vicious efforts to damage the careers and companies of persons whom he has decided are his "enemies". The only "crimes" that these people have committed against him exist in Campbell's mind, alone. They range from simple disagreements with his "expert" opinions; legitimate criticisms of a magazine editor that Americans presume to be their right under free speech; citing truthful and documented public records of his past (by way of explaining his present behavior); and, according to some, their problems with Campbell began when they cancelled their advertising with his magazine.

Campbell even made a great deal of public ruckus over the fact that he had sued 15 of these people. True to form, he tried to convince people that a lawsuit filed meant that there was actual cause for such a suit. Not unpredictably, he has been silent over the fact that all but two of those originally named in that lawsuit have been dropped from it. The remaining two eagerly await their day in court, but Campbell doesn't appear to be in any hurry to get onto the witness stand.

Such people would, if these claims were true, have every right to "hate" Campbell. But they don't. They have sometimes found the situations created by his bizarre behavior so outlandish that some of them have 'vented' by satirizing his actions, and laughing at the absurdity of it all. They have not, however, espoused hatred toward Campbell.

The sponsor of, and contributors to, this site do not ask that anyone accept what is posted here at face value. Unlike Campbell, who has a reputation for refusing to provide proof of his assertions (his readers should, apparently, blindly accept his word), they want you to think for yourself and to form your own opinions. Facts presented here are accompanied by their sources. Investigate them for yourself and we believe that you will find out that the only "hate" involved is the fact that Campbell hates to be exposed for what he is and what he has done.


Updated 01-01-2002