Airdale Press Bankruptcy
and related Zoom legal activites.
  • Airedale Press 341 Hearing, 08-15-97
    Jim Campbell examined by Anthony Pucillo..
  • 2004 examination of Jim Campbell.
    Read the claims that Captain Zoom makes under oath, i.e.,
    "Nobody has flown as many different types of aircraft
    on this planet besides me. My own little area.
    Call Chuck Yeager, he'll tell ya. He's no where near that many."
  • Bankruptcy Trustee files adversary proceeding against
    James Campbell, Airdale Press, and Aero-Media USA
    to recover fraudulent transfers and avoid preferential transfers.
  • Attorney Anthony Pucillo sues Zoom.
    Charges Libel, Civil RICO, and Fraud.


Updated 04-27-98