Jim "Captain Zoom" Campbell was ejected and permanently banned from Sun 'n Fun in 1998
following 1994 where he had to be escorted off the grounds by Lakeland Police officers.


In 1994, Campbell's behavior caused him to twice be ejected from Sun 'n Fun.

After being ejected once, he claimed he was struck by a Sun & Fun tram.

Then Campbell claimed Brady of Parascender assaulted him, and that Brady made threats that Campbell caught on tape. Yet the police report in this case lists Campbell as the Suspect and Brady as the victim. Campbell couldn't produce any witnesses to an assault that supposedly happened in the midst of the world's second-largest Fly-In.

As a result of the police investigation Campbell was ejected from the Fly-In for a second time.

The ejections are documented on two trespass notices issued to Campbell. Event Number 94-04-2935, 4/12/94, where the ejection was at the request of the Lakeland Airport director, and the second was Event Number 94-04-3775, 4/15/94, at the request of the President of Sun-N-Fun.

Zoomjection photos
When Campbell, on scooter, harasses Chuck Slusarczyk, the Police are called by Sun 'n Fun authorities.
The officer confers with Campbell and Sun 'n Fun authorities.
Campbell is told that he must leave the Sun 'n Fun grounds.
Campbell is escorted away by a group of Police Officers and Sun 'n Fun officials.

In 1995 Campbell was allowed to attend Sun 'n Fun again after agreeing to conduct himself properly.

Several specific events in 1998 violated both Sun & Fun policies and Campbell's previous agreements regarding his conduct.

He counterfeited Press parking credentials.

.  He had people as diverse as his lawyer and process server (on site in relation to a private suit he intended to serve and publicize) running around with press credentials.

.   He had a public flap with an employee of his that resulted in numerous complaints and her filing a "stalking" report against him.

.   He attempted to use the Sun & Fun events to obtain "ambush" process service on exhibitors and volunteers.

.   He had a process server delivering papers to an airshow announcer while he was on-duty despite being expressly ordered to desist.

.   When finally escorted out as a result of the totality of this behavior, he threw a temper tantrum, screaming obscenities at the officers ("Fucking Neo-Nazis" was the term quoted in the police report) and further disrupted the event.

.   Afterward, he filed a police report claiming that the preceding day he had been run over with a golf cart.

.   After another confrontation (while on a scooter as a result of hin "injuries") he was ejected again.

. Lakeland Police Department, Trespass Warning Record.
. Lakeland Police Department, Case file about Campbell's ejection,
 . Lakeland Police Department report. Jim Campbell complained (a day and a half later) of being assaulted by a golf cart driven by Sun 'n Fun manager Bill Henderson. This allegedly occurred when he was being ejected from Sun 'n Fun the first time.

Campbell was formally notified on April 24, 1998 that he was unwelcome at future events.  Then he waited until literally the last minute in 1999 to declare an "emergency" and file a frivolous suit - which escalated to Federal Court -- where he lost.

. 1999 update about the ban.

. Transcript of hearing where Campbell protested the ban in Federal Court. Not only did he lose, he was told "Conduct yourself accordingly" by the Federal judge.


Updated 04-14-2005